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Doggie Daycare

Monday - Friday

Meet & Greet Orientation:  $45

We require an orientation for any guest staying in our boarding facility or participating in daycare/group dog activities.  The fee is $45 per pet, includes daycare for the day, and needs to be scheduled PRIOR to accepting daycare or boarding guests.  The goal at Bark is to allow your babies to play in an open environment during the day with his/her best playgroup and with guided team activities.  We need to know how best to plan for your pets' day, and the orientation allows us to determine that.

Daycare-Full $37 over 5 hours

Daycare-Half $25 Flexible times - up to 5 hours

Packages Available 

** We support local! Teachers, Fire-Fighters, Police Officers, Military - Active and Retired, and Nurses, we APPRECIATE you! And because you are a "Local Hero", all Bark services are 10% off. ** Show us your ID/badge please.

- Rabies - required
- Distemper/Parvo - required
- Bordetella every 6 months - required
- Negative Fecal- required
- K9 Influenza - required

Please call 757-904-1450 or email to schedule.

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